10 thoughts on “How To Make An Independent Film : How To Deal With Actors: Indie Films”

  1. just took an intro acting class the other night and they said that “Method acting” is largely considered the best style, although it can cause the actors major problems in real life..

  2. I became interested in film making when I made a music video for a class at my last college. I recently have gotten interested in independent films. How does a beginner like me get into acting or helping out with independent movies?

  3. buy a camcorder. write a scrip. and just do something to see if you really like doing this. it can be very stressful. believe me

  4. Is it easy to find someone who knows a little bit about what they’re doing? It would seem more ideal than me starting from scratch.

  5. Weel if you take actors lessons (theatre) and you like it, it gives you some experience and you can go autition for some projects (doesn’t mean you will shoot with DeNiro next summer…) And if you want to be better, watch movies an analyse the script and the shots; this way you will learn cinematographic language and it will help you for sure. For the rest, well you need people and money because nothing is free

  6. I just made a horror/thriller completely independently.Check it out at vimeo . comthen add: /4107937to the web address.Let me have your feedback.

  7. they’re not proper Indie though – not as Indie as the guy in this film I’ll bet.

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