A Woman of Independent Means

A Woman of Independent Means

This absorbing three-part series begins as Bess (Sally Field, fresh from Forrest Gump), a proper Dallas lady, marries Rob (Ghost’s Tony Goldwyn), her childhood sweetheart. All should be sunshine and roses, except Bess finds marriage unfulfilling. Rob, as she puts it, “has a purpose.” Despite her roles as wife and mother, Bess feels she lacks one of her own (14-year age difference aside, Field and Goldwyn make a convincing couple). Rob¬ís mother (My Left Foot’s Brenda Fricker) jo
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3 thoughts on “A Woman of Independent Means”

  1. This interesting film follows the life of a lady from Texas from her very early years in the late 19th century through her passing in the late 1960s. While the title intimates that the character has wealth, the true wealth of the character comes from her spirit in overcoming advertisies, the loss of a child, death of her husband while a young woman, raising her remaining children during the depression, etc. Acting throughout the film is very good and thanks to the good writing of the best-selling book the scriptwriting is based on, the story does not fall into the trap of becoming sappy. The attention to detail in costuming, sets, etc. make the several hours of this mini-series a delight. The story is engaging and you will wish it could go on longer at the end.
    This film reminded me of some of the better BBC productions but in an American setting. I am not sure guys would love it, but it is a great chick-flick.

  2. I loved this when I saw it as a mini-series on TV. Was thrilled when I discovered it had been made into a DVD. Wonderful story line, excellent acting.

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