The Oxford History of World Cinema

The Oxford History of World Cinema


Most histories of the international cinema focus on the careers of prominent directors. But the authors of The Oxford History of World Cinema set cinematic genres, trends, and national themes at the fore, composing a history of the cinema that is equally a history of our multifarious world culture. Still, in deference to the older historical style, the text of this hefty book is dotted with hundreds of minibiographies on individual filmmakers. The result of this h
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  1. ‘The Oxford History of World Cinema’ is an excellent reference text with contributions from well-respected academics and critics across the globe. It provides condensed versions of national cinemas, styles, and movements through different eras. What is more, a conscious effort has been made to cover well-known styles such as Italian neo-realism and the Hollywood studio system in addition to lesser known ones such as Scandanavian or Arabian cinema. Furthermore, it moves beyond national cinemas to include a diverse range of topis such as documentary, music, censorship, exploitation, animation and much more.

    For those studying cinema, like myself, will find it useful as a condensed reference from which to depart into greater depths of research. Film buffs will find it useful to view films within cinematic contexts such as style, industry, and reception.

    The book is divided into three main chapters: (1) Silent cinema (2) Sound cinema and (3) Modern cinema with the differnt topics aforementioned pervading throughout. In addition to this, a few hundred actors, directors, and cinematographers et al have been selected to feature in a special biography page of their own. These include notables such as Sternberg, Bunuel, DeMille, Dreyer, Ozu, Garbo, Warhol and so much more.

    There are many illustrations – most of which are black and white but are stunning accompaniments nonetheless. Buy, read, enjoy and cherish it. I know I did!

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