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Edge of Dreaming -Are Dreams Prophetic?

Edge of Dreaming is a fascinating documentary about a woman who has a possibly prophetic dream of her own death. Amy Hardie is a 48 year old Scottish woman, a wife and mother as well as a documentary filmmaker. Her films are scientific and she doesn’t seem to believe in anything beyond the material. At one point, she confesses to believing that death is simply the end.

Yet when Amy dreams that her horse will die and he is indeed dead when she awakes, she is disturbed. Even more disconcerting is another dream, where her deceased ex-husband tells her she will die before her next birthday. So she films her life for the next year, as she ominously develops a serious lung disease that the doctors can’t diagnose.

As she struggles with her health issues and the memory of the dream lurking in the background, Amy talks to scientists about what happens to the brain when we dream.

In the latter part of the film, Amy visits a Brazilian shaman, who tells her that it’s possible to change the outcome of a dream by re-entering it. This is also related to the concept of lucid dreaming, though that phrase is never mentioned in the film. When Amy goes into a shamanic trance, it’s never mentioned if she was given any type of mind altering substance of if the shaman simply leads her into an altered state. In either case, this is a fascinating path for someone of a scientific bent to take.

Edge of Dreaming can be found at Amazon.com, and is available for instant viewing on Netflix. It’s definitely recommended to anyone interested in dreams, psychic phenomena or shamanism.

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