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How Do I Make a Movie?

Nowadays, the question of “How do I make a movie?” is a lot easier than ever before. Who would have though, say 20 years ago, that you could make your own short film on a phone? Of course, a 10 minute “movie” shot on your iPhone may not get nominated for an Academy Award, but it’s closer to the real thing than you might think. Anything that gets you in the habit of pointing a camera and shooting at something is a step closer to making you a filmmaker!

This video talks a little about the basic equipment you need to make an independent film. I’m not sure when this video was uploaded, but when he says that you have to spend at least $500 for a camera, that’s no longer true. Of course, you should get as good a camcorder as you can afford, but if you can only afford one that costs $100, start with that!

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