10 thoughts on ““potentials” Short Film”

  1. I guess. both movies in my opinion. It had elements from a lot of stuff I’ve seen. Its very creative though

  2. the action scene was okay but isn’t the teleporting more like “jumper”?

  3. Reminded me of Matrix, Crank, and Push all in one. The phone ringer was Crank, Matrix was the actual call, then obviously the teleporting being Push.

  4. So cliché…. the acting is really bad, the sound is horrible (your hear the boom on most dialogues), and the story is unengaging. The camera is not so bad…Don’t get me wrong, this is a nice try as an exercise, but not even close to a work of art.

  5. that isnt bruce willis. major movies had trouble trying to get bruce willis let alone a low budget film get him..

  6. haha! yeah! those two yelling “No” really bad.I didn’t liked this film at all. Sad but true! sorry!

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