Other People’s Parties

Other People’s Parties (2009) -Written and directed by R.A. White.

This is an ultra quirky, uneven and sometimes awful indie comedy that nevertheless has some redeeming qualities (I think).

I almost turned it off early as the first few scenes just showed people bickering pointlessly. Yet, being too lazy to switch it off I stuck with it. I suppose it can be categorized as a chick flick, as it’s mainly about the contentious friendship between two women (Molly Bryant & Tamara Baranov Ham) who are trying to start a party planning business with little success.

Then it turns into a kind of road movie as they drive into the desert and stay at a resort where they appear to be the only guests. They get drunk and do some peyote with the wacky owner of the resort. Through a bizarre series of events, this leads to them booking a Hollywood party and more chaos ensues.

Other People’s Parties, as I indicated, starts off rather weakly. It is populated with lots of boring suburbanites and a bunch of guys playing poker. By the second half, however, it starts to take on the kind of offbeat and zany spirit I like in indie films.

I found this rather obscure film on Netflix and gave it 3 stars, which is probably generous but I have a soft spot for films that are so unconventional that you never know what’s going to happen next.

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