History of Film, A

History of Film, A (7th Edition)

Substantially revised for the Seventh Edition, A History of Film is a comprehensive international survey of film from its beginnings to the present. This book highlights the contributions of major film-producing countries, significant filmmakers, and their films within social, artistic, economic, and technological contexts. This Seventh Edition incorporates major revisions designed to improve the book’s focus and update its coverage.

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  1. This review is from: History of Film, A (Paperback)

    Though less formal than a typical textbook, this book practically functions as one. The reading is quick, though the author tends to get carried away on personal tangents. Nevertheless, it provides an impressive overview of cinematic history, from its modest start in the 1890s until the 1990s. One negative aspect is that many films and directors are left out, owing to space constraints, I assume. (the book is over 400 pages!) Still,one great aspect of this book is a list of recommended (historically- and aesthetically-relevant) films at the end of each chapter, sorted by director and year. Also, though America and Hollywood occupy a substantial part of the text, the author makes a concerted effort to give equal historical credence to international movements. A worthy resource for film buffs and students, as well as anyone else interested in the development of cinema.

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