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San Diego Latino Film Festival

The San Diego Latino Film Festival may not be the best known film festival in the world, but more films from Spanish speaking nations are being made all the time, and many are receiving acclaim. This festival is a good sampling of these films that will hopefully receive some mainstream attention as well.

San Diego Latino Film Festial Opens 12th Annual Cinema En Tu

The film series includes: Without Men: In this offbeat comedy, the women of a secluded Latin American village are left to rebuild their society after all of the men are recruited by a bumbling group of guerrillas.

Publish Date: 07/29/2011 17:25

To continue on the topic of Latino films, this article gives you some good suggestions for Indie Latino films worth watching:

VL At The Cine: Summer Indie Latino Films To Check Out | VivirLatino

All of the films on FUTURESTATES are amazing resources, these are just a few that center Latino and Latino experiences. I got to show special love to Greg Pak who creates marvelous films.

Publish Date: 07/27/2011 15:50

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