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Greatest Indie Films

What are the greatest indie films ever made? Probably a silly question, as any list is bound to be arbitrary and subjective. Still, I found a pretty decent one, Empire Magazine’s 50 Greatest Independent Films
This is worth spending some time looking at -and you’ll be forced to, as each of the 50 films is on its own separate page! There are some great ones there, to be sure, such as Mean Streets, Donnie Darko, Pi, Slacker, The Terminator…yes, they’re calling The Terminator an indie film, and provide some semi-legitimate justification for this…see what I meant by subjective and arbitrary? But, the list is definitely worth checking out, if only to remind yourself of what films are worth seeing again when the current crop of blockbusters, remakes and sequels has you bored enough to forsake films for YouTube videos forever.

For a more accessible, and much less detailed Best Of list, here’s one compiled by the IMDb, based on customer reviews: Best and Worst Indie Films. The Worst Of in this case are pretty obscure.

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