American Film: A History

American Film: A History

Written by a top scholar in the field, American Film: A History gives students a thorough understanding of the fascinating intersection of artistry and economics in Hollywood cinema from the beginning of film history to the present. A beautiful book and a brisk read, American Film is the most enjoyable and interesting overview of the history of American filmmaking available. Focused on aspects of the film business that are of perennial interest to undergraduates, this
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  1. This book describes what was happening in Hollywood in conjunction with certain films. The main complaint I have about this book is that a good portion of it is just one paragraph summaries of movies and the importance of those movies to the era is lost. I could [..] and read what the movies were about any time I want, but understanding how they fit into the time period and reflect that era, that has value. The book contains some of this, but not as much as it should.

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