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Napa Valley Film Festival

We can add the Napa Valley Film Festival to the growing number of popular and influential showcases for the latest independent films. We can only see it as a healthy trend that more festivals are getting publicity and the indie film world is getting more decentralized and, well, indie. If there’s anything to complain about with this trend, it’s that the vast majority of these film festivals are in scenic or glamorous locations. This makes perfect sense, of course –why not give people a chance to see some innovative films while they’re vacationing in California wine country or the South of France? But now maybe it’s time for some film festivals to appear in places no one would want to go otherwise, somewhere like…well, we wouldn’t want to insult anyone’s home town, but insert your stereotype middle-of-nowhere location.

“Celebrating the best new independent films from around the world, along with the food, wine, hospitality and natural beauty of the legendary Napa Valley, the world’s top wine country destination. Inaugural festival Nov 9 – 13, 2011”

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