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Financing Independent Films

It’s not always easy to fund an independent film. Some people, of course, manage to make films on extremely low budgets, but not everyone is able to do this. Here is some advice for finding funding for an indie film:

Funding Independent Films – The Film & Movie Finance Dealmakers

And like in any business investors are searching for a number of good options available for them to get involved in the independent film making industry to finance your films. The best way to gain funding for your film

Publish Date: 07/24/2011 16:36


For another perspective on financing films, here’s a discussion on how The King’s Speech was financed and what aspiring filmmakers can learn from this:

Paul Brett on Prescience Film Finance

www.filmmakeruk.com – Paul Brett, CEO of Prescience Film Finance, discusses how he and his company supported the Oscar-winning The King’s Speech with financing. He outlines how to obtain funding for your own film – and the steps you should go through…

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