Pulp Fiction Mystery

The Cracked video below is, as you might expect, tongue and cheek, but it nevertheless illustrates some reasons Pulp Fiction is still one of my all time favorite films. While it can be dismissed as an exercise in violence, vulgarity and all around excess, it has lots of layers that bring up issues such as morality, redemption and, as this video asserts, possibly even parallel realities.

Apparently there is a slight discrepancy in the dialogue between the opening scene (with the bank robbers) and the return to this scene at the end. Was this a blooper or a deliberate device Tarantino snuck in the film. Another mystery -why has no one noticed this in the almost 20 years since its release? Perhaps it has been noticed and commented on -despite having a fledgling movie blog, I’m hardly a movie trivia savant.

Anyway, this is something to watch for the next time you view Pulp Fiction!

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