8 thoughts on “Independent Films: A How To Guide”

  1. u just boosted my self confidence in myself… i want to make indie stuff to… but i dont have time …or even a camera at the moment…but im gonna…

  2. very well edited and narrated i wana see hobo with a shot gun. thanks for the insite

  3. Thanks for posting this video. This is the time of encouragement young film makers need to see and hear. I am working on my second film (feature length), and I’ve learn so much from actually making my first film (short). I always like to hear what other independent film makers have to say. So thanks and keep up the good work..

  4. I’m just about to begin my first film, and this video has helped me greatfully on the mental side of it all. Thanks.

  5. I have recently completed my first feature-length movie. This video has helped me realize that my flaws could actually be a good thing. Now I want to make more! Check out my movie trailer “Wilson’s Creek” on my YouTube account.

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